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May 7, 2020
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May 13, 2020

Get Smarter with the Brand-New Infrared Temperature Monitor

We are living in an era of smart devices. If you look around your home, you’ll find that most of the objects you use have a prefix attached to their names.  From mobile phones to televisions, everything has become smarter. In this tech-driven world, everything has a got a smart upgrade, an evolved version that is better and more suited for our modern lifestyles. What’s it about these smart devices that compel people to buy them?

Well, there’s so much that they have to offer. From faster technology to improved user-interface and simplified solutions, there are numerous benefits that the smart quotient entails. The current pandemic situation has proved that this evolutionary trend it not just limited to objects and things but also applies to viruses. To fight off that dreadful smart microorganism we need to be better equipped and use smarter equipment.

Thermometers are the most commonly used instruments to detect any anomalies in the human body based on the body temperature. The traditional temperature measurement devices have a lot of drawbacks and are not best suited for the contemporary situation. Some of the major drawbacks include slow temperature reading and inaccurate measurement. In addition to this, mercury-based thermometers can be contagious at times. The contemporary smart thermometers have quicker response time, better accuracy and warning mechanisms.

The C 19 Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer

Osel Technology’s sleek Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer is the need of the hour. This ergonomically designed smart thermometer is equipped with an infrared ranging sensor, temperature display screen and a led alarm light making it the best suitable option for the contemporary Coronavirus crisis. The digital thermometer device weighs less than 350 grams and can be easily placed on a wall surface using its inbuilt hanging holes and double-sided adhesive area. It also has a bracket fixing for even placement.

The C 19 Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer by Osel Technology boasts of an accuracy range of -0.2 to +0.2 degrees and response time of 5 seconds, establishing far higher accuracy standards than the traditional thermometers. The inbuilt automatic alarm system alerts of any unusual temperature detection and warns the individual. It also has an automatic measurement system that measures temperature in the range of 5cm to 10 cm distance.

The device is equipped with both USB and battery charging systems. In addition to this, it is highly energy efficient with a standby duration of one week when fully charged. It is a perfect fit for corporate offices, public transportation, education institutes, government offices, malls and other public places. It is in accordance with the worker safety guidelines for COVID 19 and helps to eradicate the spread of coronavirus to a great extent. Let us help you shut the door for Coronavirus, order yours now at

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