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May 12, 2020
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How to Get the Audience to Engage with Your Digital Signage? / 3 Ways to Boost Audience Engagement for Your Brand Using Digital Signage

In the contemporary business landscape, audience engagement is the key to building a profitable and sustainable venture. Audience engagement is a broad concept and it’s not just limited to engaging with customers and prospects from the general public. It also includes engaging with the people who are behind the success of the business. Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of the audience engagement metrics, to retain talented people it is important to create a sense of belongingness by engaging with them frequently.

Apart from the customers and employees, there are other audiences like external visitors; these people also need good customer experience since they are visiting your organisation with a requirement to be fulfilled. Engaging with external parties’ need dynamic and interactive digital signage based communications in place to improve their experience. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of how to proactively engage with your audience using dynamic digital signage solutions.

Using Attractors

The use of attractors to gain audience attention is a smart play for businesses deploying modern digital signage solutions. Adding attractors to your digital signage displays will help to hook the audience with the display for any real-time update. There are plenty of attractors like social media feeds, news headlines, date and time, weather forecast, traffic information, etc. that can help to boost audience engagement and retain more eyeballs. You can slip your advertisement while people are glued to the screen to have a maximum brand recall.


Your audience doesn’t want to feel neglected and left out on the whereabouts of the organisation, be it your employees or the consumers. Establishing trust between the organisation and all its stakeholders is important. The organisation should ensure a decent level of transparency in its objective, financials, mission, future projects, etc. Anything that can be put on the company’s intranet should be a part of the digital signage content with some level of filtering. The bottom line here is your audience should receive relevant information with maximum transparency possible.

Interactive Communication

Communication is a two-way street; it needs the participation of both the parties, the one delivering the message and the other receiving it. So by the nature of it, communication is supposed to be interactive. Your marketing communication is supposed to take the response of your audience and invite them to be a part of the dialogue. You need to understand their aspirations from the brand and take their feedback on various subjects. Touch-screen enabled digital kiosks can help the audience to interact better with the brand by helping them penetrate through the layers of information of their preference.

Osel Technology is among the Industry leaders in the digital signage segment, catering to holistic digital signage solution needs at the most affordable price point.


The article aims to edify the reader on how using to boost audience enagement using digital signage solutions and what factors lead to better audience interaction. Three important factors are the use of attractors, having transparency and interactive communication medium.

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