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How do I choose pixel pitch for Outdoor LED display projects?

Outdoor LED display projects

Read to know how you can zero down on the best pixel pitch for your outdoor LED displays and grab maximum eyeballs

In our last Digital Signage 101 blog, we acquainted you with the concept of pixel pitch and its importance in digital signage technology. To recap, pixel pitch refers to the distance between the various pixels placed on an LED display screen. Pixel pitch is important because it directly impacts the resolution of your digital signage panels. Therefore, choosing the correct pixel pitch for your outdoor LED display project is paramount. And this post will tell you just how to do that.

Factors for Choosing Pixel Pitch

There are two factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best pixel pitch for outdoor projects:

  • The viewing distance
  • The desired image resolution

Let’s discuss each of these factors in detail and see how they affect the pixel pitch selection.

Pixel Pitch for Outdoor LED Screens

How Viewing Distance Affects Pixel Pitch

The minimum viewing distance of a panel with 4mm pixel pitch would be 4 meters. If a person is standing closer than that, they would be able to identify individual pixels on the screen and not see the whole image with full clarity. Similarly, for a screen with a pixel pitch of 10mm, the minimum viewing distance would be 10 meters.

Meanwhile, the maximum viewing distance for an outdoor LED panel would depend on the size of the display. It can usually be determined by multiplying the square meter area with 10. For example, an outdoor LED display of 5×5 meters, or 25 square meters, would be readable from a distance of 250 meters.

However, keep in mind that the visibility of this panel would be much higher than its readability. You can expect the display to be visible from a range which is almost double its readability – or 500 meters in the above example.

How Image Resolution Affects Pixel Pitch

Coming to the image resolution, as discussed earlier, more pixels placed tightly together means higher resolution. If pixels are placed further apart, the resolution will be lower. Since outdoor LED display panels are usually viewed from a distance, they do not require an ultra-high resolution.

Of course, if you can afford to, you can always buy a display panel with a small pixel pitch for an outdoor display project. But that will not always prove to be worth your money.

Choosing Best Pixel Pitch for Outdoor LED Screens

The table below offers a handy guide for the minimum and optimum viewing distances associated with different pixel pitches.

Product/Pixel Pitch Minimum Viewing Distance Optimum Viewing Distance
P4/4mm 4m 8m-12m
P5/5mm 5m 10m-15m
P6/6mm 6m 12m-18m
P8/8mm 8m 16m-24m
P10/10mm 10m 20m-30m
P16/16mm 16m 32m-48m

While you can get a fair idea of which pixel pitch to go for with the help of this table, your final selection will be based on several other parameters – the purpose of the display, budget, cabinet type, etc. The best way forward would be to list down all your actual requirements with a digital signage expert and let them guide you toward the best solution.

At Ösel, all our clients receive a free training which helps them understand all aspects of using a digital signage solution. If you are still not clear about how you can choose the best pixel pitch or you want to learn more about digital signage technology from the best LED company in Noida, feel free to contact us here.

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