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Maintaining an Outdoor LED Display: 10 Tips

Keeping these basic maintenance tips in mind will go a long way to ensure you get the best out of your outdoor LED investment

Digital signage is the future, there is no debate on that topic. Be it schools, hospitals, hotels, retailers, supermarkets, or government organizations – the benefits of deploying a digital signage program are visible in virtually every industry sector.

But as digital signage solutions become more technologically-sound, pocket-friendly, and eco-conscious, owners overlook a very important factor – everything requires maintenance, especially when it is deployed outdoors. Sure, outdoor LED displays are manufactured in a way that they can withstand the harshest of environmental factors. But keeping some basic tips in mind will go a long way to ensure you get the best out of your digital signage investment. Read on…

1. Surface Cleaning

Whilst there is no need to dismantle the system for a thorough cleaning more than once a year, the surface area should be wiped clean from time to time. Outdoor LED displays accumulate a lot of dust and grime when exposed to the elements on a regular basis. And if this dust clogs the data ports, it can lead to overheating of internal components. Which makes cleaning the screen regularly with a dry cloth or a little spray of alcohol a must. If using a damp cloth, make sure to vacuum dry the display.

2. Hardware Maintenance

The wiring and other hardware components should be checked for any damage caused by accidents, rodents, loose connections, etc. Check fastenings also to make sure they have not become loose because of any environmental factors. Make sure to keep humid elements away from all parts of the solution, and not just the screen, to avoid component corrosion.

3. Software Maintenance

Keeping your software up-to-date is as essential as maintaining the hardware. Remove any unnecessary files and update network security systems. Regular updates to the software will also ensure that you can manage and monitor your outdoor LED screen remotely and get alerted to the first signs of malfunction before the problem becomes bigger.

4. Switching Sequence

Before switching the LED display on, open your computer/software program and wait for it to load fully. At the time of switching off your LED display, first cut the power to the screen and then switch off the computer. Following this switching sequence will make sure your digital signage functions optimally.

5. Cooling

Always be aware of the mean time between failures (MTBF) for your product and don’t leave the display screen running continuously outside the prescribed range. The LED display must be given time to cool off to avoid problems caused by overheating.

6. Power Supply

Frequent surges in power can heat up your outdoor LED display screen real quick, which will be especially bad if the temperature outside is already on the higher side. You must ensure that the supply of power to the installation is stable and good ground protection has been provided.

7. Temperature Regulation

Every LED display is designed with a set temperature in mind. Though this range is wide enough to easily accommodate everything from sub-zero climates to blazing heat waves, you need to make sure that the screen has been placed at a location which is within the operational temperature range. In the absence of this monitoring, your screen may develop anomalies.

8. Extreme Weather

Though LED screens come with IP65 and above weatherproof rating, it doesn’t mean that you leave them operational at times of extreme conditions like a hurricane or a strong thunderstorm with lightning. Also, if, for any reason, you suspect that water has gone inside the components, contact the maintenance personnel immediately and do not switch on the screen until you are sure the display has dried out completely.

9. Professional Handling

Do not let non-professionals touch any wiring components of your outdoor LED screen. Also, do not dismantle and assemble the screens at random without proper knowledge of what you are doing.

10. Content Maintenance

Though this point may come across as unexpected, keeping the content of your outdoor LED screen fresh and updated is as important as keeping the hardware all spruced up. Regularly populating the display with new content will make sure your installation remains relevant and keeps generating revenue for you without fail.

In a nutshell, proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of your outdoor LED display and make sure it remains a useful tool for several years. If you neglect your digital signage installation, it won’t be long before the results of that neglect come to the surface.

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