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July 6, 2018
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5 myths About Digital Signage: Busted!

Read to know how your pre-conceived notions about digital signage may be stopping you from using LED displays to increase your revenue

The last few years have seen India witnessing a digital revolution which has transformed several industries. But even now, many businesses are afraid to take the plunge into digital communication tools like indoor and outdoor LED displays. They continue to use old-school paper and plastic banners and posters because of certain myths surrounding digital signage technology. This post aims to bust some of these myths and help business owners make an informed decision about the future of advertising and branding:

1) Digital signage is an expensive technology

With digital revolution came a chance to afford technology which seemed to cost an arm or a leg earlier. As more and more people realize the benefits of digital signage, the suppliers of the solution have gone up, resulting in a highly competitive market. Because of this, the cost for LED displays has gone down and the service quality has increased. This is the right time to invest in this technology because of comparatively low cost and its value reflecting in the high standard of the service or product.

2) Digital signage is bad for the environment

Digital advertising has reduced the usage of paper and plastic flexes, which are traditionally needed for posters and banners, cutting down the carbon footprint of a business, reducing pollution and helping to save trees. Digital signage is a green technology which can help in controlling pollution and saving resources over time.

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3) Digital signage is difficult to install

The cost of equipment has decreased over the years because of the evolving technology and lessening the thickness and weight of the cabinets, making it not only easier to install but transport as well. Usually, the supplier of your full HD LED displays will offer to install the product at very affordable rates.

4) Electricity costs for digital signage are exorbitant

The notion that comes with digital signage is that the consumers have to overpay for electricity because of high screen brightness. While this is true, the amount you would end up paying for power consumption totally depends on the energy-efficiency of the product you have chosen. Several indoor and outdoor LED manufacturers provide low-energy products that are easy on your pocket.

5) Digital signage is difficult to manage

Another misconception with digital signage technology is that it takes an engineer to manage and run the network. The truth is that if you have basic Internet knowledge like playing YouTube and connecting a Bluetooth device to your computer, you will do just fine. Moreover, the best LED suppliers provide free training sessions to their consumers and assist them via call support until they get used to the product.

Digital signage is an amazing tool to advertise your business in an impactful yet cost-efficient manner. All you need is a vision for your brand and the chops to share information in an engaging way. To learn more about how your business can benefit from LED display solutions, contact us.

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