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July 10, 2018
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Do You Know What Digital Signage IP Ratings Mean?

Read to know how you can choose an outdoor LED display with an IP rating that best suits your unique requirements

If you have been scouting around for a digital signage solution, one term that you must have come across frequently is IP rating. Now, different LED display manufacturers provide different IP ratings for their products. To understand what IP rating your digital signage product must carry, you first need to understand what this term actually means.

IP stands for Ingress Protection. It is an internationally-accepted standard for determining how safe an electronic equipment is against two external factors – dust and water. Since indoor products are not usually threatened by exposure to extreme dust and water, IP certification is commonly found in association with digital products for outdoor use.

IP ratings are denoted by two digits. The first digit signifies the protection threshold against solid particles (dust), while the second digit conveys the resistance level against liquids. For a foolproof protection against weather, the highest IP rating – IP68 – is considered perfect. This is the level of protection offered by Ösel in its outdoor LED display products, especially the SupremeX series.

The infographic below explains the meaning of different IP ratings in detail:

digital signage IP ratings

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