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Understanding the Functioning of an Electronic Manufacturing Services Firm

Basics of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Electronic manufacturing services company are indulged in the process of designing, testing, building and delivering electronic parts and components. The services also include providing aftermarket assistance to customers. A company with expertise in the electronic manufacturing segment can help small players in the market stand out from the competition. So what can you expect from an electronic manufacturing services provider?

Well, the exact range of services might differ depending upon the company you choose. Generally the electronic manufacturing company provides services related to PCB assembly, Cable assembly, Contract design, Strategy product analysis, Testing, Prototyping, Electromechanical assembly, etc. Most of these services are industry standard ones. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of some EMS services to obtain a comprehensive understanding regarding the services offered.

  1. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

The design and layout of a printed circuit board has a major impact on the performance and safety of electronic products. The PCB assembly is one of the most vital services offered by any electronic manufacturing services firm. The EMS team is responsible for assembling components such as transistors, resistors, integrated circuits, etc. using surface mount or soldering technology.

  1. Cable Assembly

An electric cable assembly entails electric wire components that are connected with PCB and other product elements. Generally in case of cable assemblies, the manufacturing is carried out using hand soldering from a certified EMS firm. The cable assembly process is complex and requires optimising conductor sizes, cable types, insulation, shielding material, jacketing, etc. From a broader perspective the cable assembly process includes manufacturing, testing and engineering.

  1. Contract Design

The contract design process is pre-manufacturing. Details about the product components and specifications are gathered before the product goes into the actual manufacturing process. The EMS firms are well equipped to provide all that you require for manufacturing your product, they can also cater to the software and firmware development needs. A validation testing process is generally integrated to avoid any unplanned alterations in the design.

  1. Strategic Product Analysis

In today’s fast paced world, there’s always a new update that renders the old one obsolete, same is the case with component obsolescence. There are various EMS firms that facilitate analytics and provide recommendation to avoid any disruptions in case a product is not feasible anymore.  A complete lifecycle analysis is recommended to ensure reliability and genuineness of the components and the process.

Osel Technology is among the leading electronic manufacturing services provider in India that takes a holistic approach towards providing electronic manufacturing services.

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