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Restarting with Digital Signage

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought things to a standstill with major economies around the globe forced into lockdown. This catastrophic outbreak has dictated a new order for the world; a new normal has taken over ordinary life. Wearing masks, shopping online, working from home, going cashless, etc. have been the new norm. Economies can’t be kept on hold for a long period as it will hamper more individuals than the virus. The need to reopen economies is crucial to help people earn a living in these stressful times.

Gradually governments around the world have started to reopen the markets, especially where the wrath of this outbreak is negligible. Now, this reopening phase has to be well planned and all necessary measures should be taken to control the spread of this deadly virus. A big question that remains for the traditional brick and mortar stores is how they will help ensure safety for the customers. Digital signage solutions are one of the best tools that business owners and government can use to ensure customer safety and business’s success.

Let’s delve deeper into how digital signage can help to restart the market and help businesses ensure safety for their customers.

Touch-free Digital Experience

The risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus is so high that people are reluctant to shake hands or even touch any surface that could expose them to the virus. This makes it even more challenging for businesses to accommodate a touch-free experience for the customers. Thankfully, the technological progress is such that a touch-less interactive digital experience can be delivered to the customers using modern digital signage tools that can enable voice commands for displays. People can even view and control digital signage tools with their phones for a touch-less experience.

Maintaining Social Distancing

One of the important measures that have helped to control the spread of this deadly Coronavirus is the social distancing policy. In the times of COVID-19, stores that are planning to reopen need to enforce strict social distancing policies for the customers. Digital signage can help to remind customers or even employees to maintain their distance while performing their tasks. Health guidelines are being updated very frequently and require real-time communication with employees and customers. This can be taken care of by installing interactive digital signage displays to help people.

Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage space that aims to provide a holistic digital signage solution for all your needs.


This article aims to edify the reader on how digital signage tools can help to reopen the businesses by effectively catering to the safety requirements set by the governments across the globe.

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