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Touchscreen Hygiene in the Wake of Coronavirus


What started as flu has spread like a deadly wildfire, infecting millions across the globe. Coronavirus has caused major lockdowns around the world, creating a worldwide economic slowdown and impacting every industry. Healthcare experts are urging people to take precautionary measures and stop this proliferation of the deadly coronavirus.

Some of the mainstream preventive measures include practising social distancing, frequently washing hands using soap and water, proper sanitization, etc. Sanitizing frequently touched surface also holds the key to limiting the spread of this disease. Frequently touch surface entails a whole lot of objects like switchboards, doorknobs and handles, table, refrigerator, laptop, etc. Given our dependency on digital signage solutions, we are surrounded by a whole lot of them, especially the self-service kiosk.

Interactive LED touch screen enabled kiosks have numerous applications across schools, hospitals, restaurant, ATMs, etc. It has certainly made our lives easier but it’s not immune to this virus. To avoid the contamination, it is paramount to keep a check on interactive digital kiosks. Let’s peep into how you can maintain a hygienic touch-screen display without damaging the device and keep the germs at bay.

Cleaning the digital kiosk’s screen

As per the healthcare expert’s recommendation, the frequently touched surface should be cleaned regularly to avoid contamination and spreading of germs. In a high traffic area, the digital kiosk comes in contact with hundreds of people, some of them might be carrying the germs therefore it needs constant sanitization to prevent the spread.

It is also recommended to keep hand sanitizers near the device for people to sanitize before and after using the touchscreen. To clean the kiosk’s screen one should use a lint-free microfibre cloth. Any coarse material such as rags or paper towels should not be used to clean the kiosks. It might damage the surface of the touchscreen.

The next important consideration that you should keep in mind while cleaning the kiosk is to apply the certified cleaning solution.  Dip the microfiber cloth in soap and water solution and squeeze out any excess liquid before putting the cloth on the touch-screen surface to clean the kiosk. The mainstream screen-safe solutions use a combination of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% distilled water, this is a popular configuration for screen-safe cleaning solutions. Highly concentrated solutions that contain more than 70% isopropyl alcohol or those which have higher than 35%ethyl alcohol should be avoided.

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