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Using Digital Signage For Emergency Communication

Read to know how governments, hospitals, educational institutes, shopping malls, etc., can use large LED display panels to communicate emergency information effectively

You may associate digital signage most commonly with advertising and brand promotion, but LED display screens are fast emerging as a key tool capable of saving lives in an emergency situation. To maximize the return on investment (ROI), LED display signs are usually placed in areas that get high footfall, and at an angle that is guaranteed to capture the most eyeballs.

Irrespective of whether the LED display panel has been installed by a school, college, hospital, government building, shopping mall, stadium, or a corporate campus, they are almost always treated as an instrument of mass communication. Which is exactly what makes them a simple and effective means to communicate dynamically-changing information in case of an emergency.

Here are four ways in which organizations and institutes can use digital signage for emergency messaging:

  • Share Preventive Tips

You can create messages that tell how your audience can respond to different emergencies. For example, you can share the numbers people can call in case of a blizzard or an active shooting on campus, or list down the Dos and Don’ts in case of an earthquake.

  • Show Your Preparedness

Let your audience know the measures you have taken to prepare for emergencies. For example, you can show the floor plan with various emergency exits or safety zones, or share the chain of command that would go into action in case of various emergencies.

  • Share Verified Response Information

You need to have a plan in place for the information you can share when an emergency strikes. Since you can upload the content dynamically and change it as frequently as you want, you can push out up-to-date information from verified sources in real-time.

  • Post-Incident or Recovery Plan

Indicate to the audience that the emergency is over and the danger is passed. Share numbers of relevant institutes like the hospitals or command centers where they can get more information. You can also warn the people of the aftermath, such as, aftershocks of an earthquake or areas that have been cordoned off post a chemical spill.

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