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November 28, 2018
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December 10, 2018

Why Digital Signage for Wayfinding is a Stellar Idea

A large public venue – be it a commercial complex or an essential public service, such as a school or hospital – cannot discount the value of an efficient wayfinding mechanism. As the name suggests, wayfinding refers to a solution that helps people to find their way around public spaces.

An effective wayfinding solution will not only help visitors to get from point A to point B quickly and easily, easing their stress levels, but it would also impart a sense of safety and security which comes from knowing that you are headed in the right direction. It also helps to include information about parking facilities, emergency services, etc., in the wayfinding solution.

Essentially, effective wayfinding tools go a long way in optimizing the overall visitor experience in large venues and commercial complexes. And when it comes to wayfinding, no other solution is quite as effective as LED display panels. Wondering how? Allow us to explain…

  • No need to print a new map every time information needs to be updated. With digital signage at your disposal, you can easily update essential information across the board using a Windows, Android or iOS device.
  • In case of construction or closure, information about rerouting can be circulated easily without causing any hassle or inconvenience to the customers. This is especially important in the case of emergency services and time-sensitive operations, such as hospitals.
  • No risk of wear and tear because of weather, unlike paper-based communication. Outdoor LED display boards today come with complete dust- and water-proof technology, which means they are completely operational and visible even in the harshest of environments. The same, of course, cannot be said for paper posters – even the ones displayed inside glass cases.
  • Option to give as much additional information as needed. Paper-based communication, once printed, cannot be amended without incurring an extra cost. Digital displays, however, give you the flexibility to add or remove any information points, such as advertisements, weather, news, etc., as required.

Get started on the journey of finding the perfect digital wayfinding solution for your premises with customized LED display boards from Ösel. Contact us for a free quote today.

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