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A Quick Guide for Hospital Digital Signage in 2021

The importance of digital signage for the healthcare sector has grown now more than ever. The aftermath of this global pandemic has forced us to maintain social distancing, wear masks and take other necessary precautions. The healthcare sector entertains a variety of people including doctors, nurses, patients, staff members, etc. They need to have digital signage for multiple facets. Let’s delve deeper into how and where digital signage can be strategically placed when it comes to hospitals.

  1. Reception area

The first point of contact for any patient in a hospital is the reception area. The important point to note here is that patients visiting the hospitals are often scared and anxious. You can use digital signage to display relevant recovery statistics and success stories to calm them down. You can also leverage the reception area to display a UGC wall that showcases reviews and testimonials from sources like Google and Facebook.

  1. Waiting room

The waiting room in hospitals is among the most difficult places to be, people are highly anxious and in need of distractions that can help keep their derogatory thoughts at bay. One can use digital signage in waiting room areas for hospitals to display information related to weather reports, news, short movies, inspirational videos, etc. It can also be used to display positive information about the hospital or the doctors. Precautionary measures and symptoms for various diseases can also be communicated using the same.

  1. Staff cabin

It is crucial to communicate important updates with the employees of the hospital in real-time. Hospitals need effective digital signage tools and applications to convey important updates such as upcoming meetings, emergency cases, hospital guidelines, staff scheduling, security measures, etc. An absence of effective communication method in places like hospitals can lead to catastrophic outcomes that might have extensive consequences.

  1. Emergency department

Unlike the other places in hospitals, effective communication in emergency rooms/departments is non-negotiable. Any miscommunication might lead to fatal consequences and the hospital will be blamed for the carelessness. Tasks in emergency rooms are time-sensitive, doctors need to move quickly and flawlessly. Digital signage can be used to effectively deliver all important messages using flexible screens and dynamic digital signage applications like Donkey Player.

  1. Hospital canteen

Most of the time, patients are accompanied by close family members or friends who need to wait for a long time in hospitals. It is usually not very certain how many days will the patient need for recovery. Hospital cafeterias are among the most visited places on the premises. Digital signage tools should be installed to communicate what they have to offer and the availability of the products in real-time.

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