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May 3, 2021
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3 Effective Tips to Level up Your Digital Signage Game

Did you know that the global digital signage industry is expected to hit a revenue benchmark of USD 29.8 billion by 2024? Well, it’s sufficient enough to give you a wider picture of the digital signage industry and how rapidly it’s growing. Digitization is catching up in developing economies and there remains massive potential for digital signage tools to make it more effective. However, one should know the right strategy to make the most out of their digital signage solutions.

Overcoming Digital Fatigue

Now that digital signage is mainstream, people might have digital fatigue and your content should be captivating enough to get their attention. You need to stand out from the competition to get your audience to look at your screen. Digital signage as a medium to communicate is quite interesting and engaging but if you aren’t doing it differently, it won’t have that impact. Let’s delve deeper into some effective tips that will help you make your digital signage less boring.

  1. Add new content

To succeed in the digital space, all you need to focus on is putting out quality content and doing it frequently. If you want people to notice your marketing/advertisement you need to add new content and should keep on adding more. Why would you waste your money on digital signage if you only wanted to show one or two adverts that could be just static paper banners?

If you have variety in your content and people see something new every time they look at your digital signage screens, they will definitely engage more with your brand. It will also help to create a strong brand recall which is important if you are planning to build a sustainable business.

  1. Focus on your sound effects

 Have you ever watched a horror movie? What if you just mute the sound and watch the video? Well, it certainly will lose the essence and it won’t be scary anymore. Sound effects might feel like a very insignificant thing in the beginning but when you are planning to show engaging video content to catch the attention of your audience, you need to meticulously choose a sound effect that goes along with your content. It should sync with what you are trying to display. Adding audio content will give you the benefit of leveraging two senses.

  1. Entertainment overselling

If you are planning to aggressively sell your product or services using digital signage to a cold audience, you might not be very successful. However, if you modify your strategy a little bit and focus on entertaining the cold audience rather than selling, it will work wonders. You will have their full attention and then they will be interested in whatever you want to show.

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