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Quick Guide to Supermarket Digital Signage

Understanding Supermarket Digital Signage

In the contemporary era, digital signage is omnipresent and used by players in multiple industries to attract customers. Supermarket digital signage refers to the use of digital signage applications and tools in a supermarket to enhance the shopping experience and boost the marketing ROI. Now there are multiple applications of digital signage in a supermarket ranging from general communication messages to signboards and marketing communications. The use of digital signage tools in the supermarket space has increased as it’s much more dynamic than traditional static signage.

Types of Supermarket Digital Signage

Now that we have a fair idea as to what entails supermarket digital signage, let’s delve deeper into the various types of supermarket digital signage.

  • Commercial-grade Displays

Commercial-grade displays are the most commonly used digital signage tools in supermarkets. It looks very similar to a living room TV which is mounted in either landscape or portrait mode depending on the location of installation. Commercial-grade displays look quite similar to big-screen TV sets but they are packed with an array of features such as high brightness, screen scheduling, etc. that makes them dynamic enough to display a wide range of content.

  • Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks are usually free-standing big portrait displays that feature touch screen functionality to make it easier for the users to interact and engage. It can also be used as a regular screen for displaying generic content. Digital kiosks are installed both indoors and outdoors depending upon the use and size of the supermarket.

The outdoor digital kiosks are commonly used for advertising deals and products to visitors, it also helps to attract buyers by presenting them with lucrative offers and relevant products. A smart digital signage application like Donkey Player is needed to display a wide range of content efficiently. Indoors, it can be used as an information hub and for wayfinding.

  • Interactive Supermarket Screens

 Interactive supermarket digital signage is commonplace nowadays as it helps to boost the customer satisfaction level to a great extent. You must have noticed self-checkouts at your favorite supermarket, this is one of the prime examples of interactive supermarket screens. Interactive supermarket screens work on the principle of ‘do it yourself’ and provides customers with a queue-free experience.

Prominent Supermarket Digital Signage Applications

Some of the most prominent applications of digital signage for supermarkets include the following.

  • Promotional Screens

One of the most common applications of digital signage for supermarket includes promotional screens that help to effectively market products to the targeted audience. As a marketing channel, digital signage has always proved to be an effective medium that easily helps to grab the audience attention with bright displays and engaging content powered by smart signage applications such as Donkey Player.

  • Interactive Product Catalogues

Self-checkout is gradually becoming the norm in the modern age. The use of interactive product catalogues to support the self-checkout trend helps businesses to drastically cut cost on manpower and also provides the customer with an instant service experience. These are commonly used in the electronic and clothing section.

Osel Technology is among the leading players in the digital signage space that offers a holistic digital signage solution to a wide range of customers. Its latest addition in the form of Donkey Player, a dynamic signage application has been a game-changer for those relying on digital signage tools to market their offerings.

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