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Advantages of LED Display Board Advertising in Metro Stations

LED Display Board Advertising

Over 2.2 million people commute by the Delhi Metro every month and this is a huge target group for marketers interested in advertising on outdoor and ambient media. All metro rail systems in the country offer similar advertising scope to marketers, who have made good use of the opportunities. However, a large part of the advertising in metro stations happens on flex display boards while an LED display board is hard to come by. Marketers who still use the flex display options for their advertising in metro stations are missing out big time by overlooking the LED display option. At the same time billboard space owners also need to convert their display boards from flex to LED.

LED display ads attract far more eyeballs

It is for the different metro rail authorities to leverage this opportunity and make better use of the display advertising space in their premises. For the hundreds of thousands of commuters using the metro rail services every week, not just in Delhi NCR but in other metros as well, the digital display boards are very difficult to miss. It is proved beyond doubt that moving images attract far more eyeballs than still images and that explains why over 63% more people notice an LED display screen rather than a display board mounted with an ordinary flex-printed image.

Maximizes revenue potential for all stakeholders

Outdoor and ambient LED display board advertising is a win-win deal for all the stakeholders. It offers space marketers the ability to display many more than just one advertisement in one display board and this opens up multiple revenue options. This is a huge advantage over conventional display systems mounted with a single printed advertisement for the advertisers because more people seeing their ads means more chances of engagement. This opens up the opportunity for them to get more conversions and hence revenues.

Growing revenue will sustain profitability of metro rail

Most of the major cities of India now have their own metro rail systems in different stages of growth and expansion. Increasing revenues will play an important role in sustaining the growth and expansion of these metro rail systems. Using LED display screen in their premises for developing optimum advertising space presents an excellent opportunity for these metro rail systems to substantially increase their revenue earning potential. The metro rail systems are a positive development in urban India’s efforts to cope with the challenge of developing a viable mass transit public transport system.

Smart technologies are transforming LED display board systems

Till recently, one critical aspect of advertising on LED display systems was installation and maintenance; in fact, it has always been a challenge for outdoor display advertising. The sheer size and weight of a standard outdoor display advertising unit measuring 10’ x 10’ was quite a challenge. Today, companies like Osel Tech, based in Delhi NCR produce even larger units that are 50% lighter, offer much better picture quality, long durability against the elements of nature and much easier handling and maintenance. The units from Osel Tech use smart technology that has redefined outdoor and ambient LED display advertising.

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