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5 Ways Nightclubs, Pubs, and Bars Can Use Digital Signage

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Millennials today come loaded with spending power and influence. They openly embrace brands and shape the digital world we live in. To attract this connected generation to your nightclub, pub, or bar, you need to level with them using the language they use – digital. And LED display screens are a surefire way to pull in the millennial crowd and earn their loyal patronage.

Here are the various ways in which a club, lounge, or bar can use digital signage:

Ambiance enhancement: What really differentiates a pub or a nightclub from its competitors is the ambiance. Dazzling lights, immersive graphics, and visuals are as important to a club or lounge today as is a well-stocked bar. Creative LED screens and LED video walls placed strategically across the entire club will give your property a distinctive style guaranteed to attract upscale clientele.

Advertising and engagement: Using indoor LED display screens, you can easily promote upcoming special events and DJ nights. You can also use the LED panels as advertising space to premium brands – for example, a particular brand of vodka may buy the ad space from you to showcase its video during peak hours. For more engagement, you can play matches and display scores during important sporting events and pull in more crowd in the process. Another option would be to play scintillating music videos or crowd shots.

Digital menu boards: With the dim light setting in pubs and bars, going through the entire menu is never an easy or convenient option for club-goers. Often, they end up ordering the regulars, without giving the chef’s specials much of a chance. But with digital menu boards, you can easily upsell food and drink items to the patrons and promote the day’s specials. You can also customize the food items according to the different demographics visiting your establishment.

Creative DJ booth: A stunning DJ booth that can showcase knockout visuals in an instant crowd-puller. You can use it to showcase anything from in-house branding to video slideshows, or graphics to enhance the theme and energy of a party or an event. These LED DJ booths are completely customizable, so you can get them made in any shape or size, according to the space available with you.

LED dance floor: The ultimate ‘wow’ factor for any club or bar, LED dance floors help to create a dramatic setting and getting the party going with stunning colors and motion graphics. Ösel’s LED dance floors come with an envious load-bearing capacity of 500kg/m2, so you don’t have to be concerned about the panel cracking or breaking. It is also IP65-certified, so you don’t have to worry about the panels being damaged by spilled drinks.

Digital signage is an absolute win-win for entertainment venues. If you’re looking for the most versatile range of display solutions designed especially for nightclubs, pubs, and bars, Ösel can provide you with LED display screens in any shape, size, or curvature. We take pride in our extraordinary customer service and client satisfaction rate. To know more about we can help you take your club or lounge to the next level, contact the team here.

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