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January 14, 2019
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3 Benefits of Using LED Video Walls for Marketing Your Brand

LED Video Walls

Businesses have been using digital video walls as marketing tools for decades now, but those walls have been nothing like the LED technology available today. Earlier, television monitors would be stacked together to give the impression of a digital wall. However, since the bezels of TV screens are noticeably wide, the image would look split to the viewer – which may have been OK 10 years ago, but it would not impress the discerning consumer of today. This is where LED video walls come into the picture, seamless splicing in tow. Here’s how they offer multiple advantages to a brand:

Uninterrupted view: The biggest benefit of using LED video walls is that it looks modern, professional, and sharp. The image does not have any breaks and visuals get displayed with a stunning smoothness. The viewer experience is not jarred by the presence of bezels. The whole video wall blends in beautifully with the aesthetics of the installation venue, appearing clean and streamlined.

No limit on the resolution: With TV screens, brands could only target the people who would pass the video wall installation from close quarters. Because just like you cannot view your television screen clearly after a particular distance, the message displayed on a video wall made from TV sets also becomes illegible. But there is no such limitation with LED video walls. With LED panels, which are available in multiple pixel pitches and resolution, you are free to choose the distance from which you want the wall to be viewed.

Support for curved and creative installations: A major disadvantage of not using LED screens for your brand’s video wall is that you become restricted when it comes to the shape and placement of the installation. Since TV screens come in a fixed design and size ratio, your choices become severely limited. But with LED video walls, your only limitation is your imagination. You can convert a curved surface into a LED video wall or get as creative with the shape and size of the installation as you want to.

Indeed, LED video walls use cutting-edge technology to draw the attention of your target audience. So, what are you waiting for? Give your business’ branding the digital makeover it deserves. Get in touch with our team and get the best quote on LED video walls for your business.

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