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5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Retail Advertising

Digital signage is a visual platform which can be used to display compelling and impactful advertisements that engage, inform, and delight the viewer. Retailers are no stranger to the capability of LED displays to act as a highly-effective marketing tool. With the global digital signage market expected to reach $20.03 billion by 2020, retailers will form the largest application segment advocating for this technology medium’s adoption. So, what are the benefits retailers are experiencing from using digital signage for advertising? Let’s find out…

Freedom to change content dynamically: Digital signage boards can be operated through a simple Cloud-based content management system. Which means you can update or change what is being displayed at the click of a few keys, or even through your phone if you have saved items in your library. On the other hand, changing a static advertising poster means crossing multiple logistical hurdles (printing, transportation, etc.) and spending more money in the process.

Support for multiple unique content formats: Digital signage supports multiple content formats, including clock, datasets, embedded, Flash, HLS, image, local video, notification, PDF, PowerPoint, text, ticker, video, web page, etc. Depending upon the time of the day or the day of the week, you can showcase as many different types of content as you want. You can even show multiple pieces of information on a single LED display screen.

Increased message recall and retention rate: Unlike static content, videos and GIF animations on LED video walls have the uncanny ability to instantly catch the eye of the viewer. In fact, multiple studies have revealed that digital signage not only makes more people look at your message, but a well-designed content also makes more people remember it. So, an increase in foot traffic and revenue becomes definite with the use of an indoor LED display screen or an outdoor LED display screen.

Low installation and maintenance cost: Today, there are several types of LED panels available in the market. Companies like Ösel, in fact, manufacture digital signage panels that are 30% less in weight compared to traditional screens. This helps to save on labor, transportation, and installation costs.  Some kind of digital signage, like Adhesive LED, can simply be pasted to any glass surface. The new-age LED screens by Ösel also come with dual maintenance modules to allow front servicing with ease.

Create a boost in impulse buying: Using digital signage for point-of-purchase advertising can lead to a substantial increase in your revenue because 60% of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. Progressive retailers are using LED advertising screens to cross-sell, upsell, and enhance impulse buying. But remember, the placement of the screens, the size of the installation, the type of content – all have a big part to play in this process.

To learn more about how your retail business can benefit from Ösel’s digital signage solutions, contact us here.

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