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4 Digital Signage Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Digital Signage Technology

According to market research, the global LED display market is poised to reach $9.349 billion by 2022, witnessing an impressive CAGR of 12% during the 2018-22 period. Numbers like these make you wonder: What are the factors driving this enviable growth outlook? We asked ourselves the same question and identified the digital signage technology trends for 2019. Take a look:

 Growing demand for narrow pixel pitch displays

The market for indoor narrow pixel pitch (NPP) LED displays is expected to see a CAGR of 28% between 2018 and 2022, as per 2019 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook. This is because of the growing demand for NPP displays from sectors like broadcasting, control and command centers, corporates, high-end malls, movie halls, airports, universities, and hotels. More and more brands and organizations are realizing how NPP displays like Ösel Primea offer the perfect amalgamation of breathtaking image quality with creative and seamless stitching, and are worth every cent of their investment. With the modern consumer refusing to settle for anything but the best, forward-looking businesses are stepping up the game by giving their brands the much-needed competitive edge with NPP LED displays.

Mainstreaming of LED rental market

The market for rental LED displays also has a bright outlook for 2019 with major demand coming from sporting events, stage shows, exhibitions, expos, trade shows, fashion shows, music concerts, and weddings. An interesting factor to note here is how rental displays are also getting progressively high-definition, so to say. While until a few years ago, P8 and P10 LED displays were most popular in the rental market, now the trend has shifted toward smaller pitches and more flexible assembly and take-down. As such, products like Ösel RentÖ are fast becoming a market-favorite because of their lightweight cabinets, humanized design, anti-collision mechanism, and easy maintenance.

LED video walls come of age

We already know that global LED video walls market is on track of an 8.1% CAGR during the 2017-25 period. In 2019, you can expect an increasing number of brands to adopt LED video walls for their marketing and promotional activities. In this category, a non-negotiable factor for progressive businesses is seamless stitching. Companies no longer want thick bezels interrupting their video content and marring the quality of the display. Therefore, bleeding-edge, fully-customizable indoor LED displays like Ösel Edgester are preferred for video walls by organizations conscious of their brand image.

Customer service becomes key

It’s no secret that the prices in the LED display market vary greatly. This is because a majority of LED retailers import their products from China where manufacturers sell the same pixel pitch at different prices. This price difference basically stems from the quality and reliability of the product – something which the end consumer is not even openly educated about in India. But now, the scenario is changing with Ösel having entered the market as a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of LED screens. By providing superior product quality at reasonable prices, coupled with unparalleled maintenance and customer service, Ösel has set a new trend in the Indian LED market – one which we can expect it to carry forward in 2019 as well.

Do you have any other predictions for digital signage technology trends in 2019? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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