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December 28, 2018
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January 7, 2019

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Signage at Your Next Event

There’s a recurring theme to the biggest exhibitions and events organized today: they are bright, glitzy, and high on digital innovation. If you have not yet started using LED digital displays at your events and exhibitions, there’s a lot you are missing out on. Here’s why we believe digital signage goes hand in hand with events:

It enhances the customer experience

Instead of asking people to install a dedicated app and remember yet another password, share the information on large LED display boards or handy LED poster displays placed strategically across the exhibition area. This will not only enhance the experience of the visitors, but they will also be spared of rummaging for event details on a small mobile phone screen.

It looks professional and improves brand image

It is no secret that visitors flock to events and exhibitions that have a hi-tech vibe about them. Using digitals signage gives an instant boost to the ambience and leaves an everlasting positive impression on exhibitors and attendees alike. It makes the products and services feel even more professional and improves the brand image.

It can be updated instantly

Expos are dynamic places where incidents like the program schedule getting updated, speakers dropping out or changing, or an event time getting altered are quite common. Since digital signage can be updated on-the-go from anyplace at any time, keeping visitors informed becomes a breeze. Furthermore, LED displays can also be used to show real-time events directly on the screens, ensuring that visitors in various areas of the convention center stay abreast with what’s happening in the other sections.

It can generate additional revenue

LED display screens provide an excellent sponsorship opportunity for the organizers because they can rent out the screens to exhibitors wanting to highlight their products and services. By showcasing eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations, exhibitors can get the attention of potential customers while organizers generate additional revenue by renting out their digital real estate.

To know more about how digital signage can lend the extra edge to your next event or exhibition, get in touch with us here.

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