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Digital Signage for Museum Experience Transformation

Digital Signage for Museum

The new-age museum visitor is nothing like the traditional visitor. Millennials today are not interested in just seeing what information is on display; there are enough search engines to put any information they seek on their fingertips. They want to experience the knowledge and broaden their horizons in a way that a computer screen wouldn’t allow them to. Which is why the biggest museums and art galleries today aim to provide an experience to the visitors which is as immersive as possible.

As several museums around the world have realized, digital signage goes a long way to enhance a museum’s ability to share knowledge and create an unforgettable visitor experience. In fact, for many museums, LED displays have become an integral part of their information-sharing environment.

The experience begins right from the museum entrance, wherein welcome messages and ticket window information is shared using LED display screens and posted LED displays to set an expectation bar for the visitors. Information like opening hours, admission fees, promotional packages, etc., is not only shared conveniently, but various add-on services like guided tours can also be promoted with great ease.

In the exhibit halls, full wall displays using LED screens help to build a larger-than-life ambience and generate an awestruck impression from the visitors. Displaying information on LED video walls help the visitors to get acquainted with the exhibits better and creates an exciting educational experience for them.

Another major application area for digital signage in museums is that of wayfinding. Museums are often quite large in area and are home to several exhibit halls spread across the premises. Navigating inside them can often become a challenge. But using digital signage for wayfinding not only helps visitors to find their way around easily, but it also reduces undue pressure on the museum staff.

If you are also looking to cater to the millennial museum audience and leap into the future with digital signage, get in touch with our expert team here.

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