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Embedding AI on Outdoor LED Video Wall Will Have an Amazing Impact on Outdoor Display Advertising

Outdoor LED Video Wall

The outdoor LED video wall itself is a disrupter in the fast-evolving digital signage market for the remarkable difference in audience response it evokes. Around two-thirds more people are likely to get attracted to a high quality moving ad on a video display board than they would be, on a display board mounted with a still print ad. When a video wall has artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, allowing it to display instant personalized communication, it is bound to evoke even more excitement from the audience. The instantaneous personalized messaging has an immediate impact as the customer gets a pleasant surprise, and that feel-good vibe very often induces an impulsive purchase decision.

What exactly is an LED video wall?

An LED video wall is a variant of the LED display board and is designed to meet a different level of scope and dimension in large format display advertising. This wall is a spectacular video display unit that can span the length and breadth of an entire wall and is sure to leave a lasting impact on those who see it. Consider the mileage that a brand can get from such a video wall in a traffic hotspot like Connaught Place in New Delhi or Victoria Terminus in Mumbai. In addition to that, the video wall owner can play audio-visual or silent video communication for multiple advertisers just like the TV commercials.

Use of AI in outdoor LED video wall

When you embed AI in this game-changing innovation for the outdoor display advertising industry in India, the results can be no less awesome. For instance, a video wall on the façade of a building that houses a renowned restaurant can use AI to achieve amazing results. It can recognize faces in the crowd and process the data in real time to know what these individuals like to have for lunch and play out a short ad instantly announcing that the items are in stock. Seven out of ten times, the customers can’t miss the video wall and thereby, the ad and as a result, their impulse to step into the restaurant will be very high at that moment.

A bonanza for outdoor ad space marketers

Another massive advantage offered by an LED video wall is the option to display multiple ads just like commercial spots on TV. That itself has turned the Indian outdoor advertising industry on its head simply because the difference in revenue-earning potential of the video display wall/board and a display board mounted with a printed still image is massive. Hence, space marketers who make the first move and adopt the video display format on their display locations can take their revenue growth to a new level. Considering the advantages of video display over still imagery in outdoor display advertising, it won’t be long before video display gains traction in India.

Space marketers who have made their investments in video display infrastructure, will see their revenues surging ahead while those left with still ad display sites will struggle to keep pace with the changes.

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