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February 8, 2019
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February 22, 2019

The Giant Outdoor LED Screen has Greatly Improved Spectator Experience in Cricket Grounds

Outdoor LED Screen

The impact of huge video screens on the game of cricket has been as remarkable as all the other interventions of technology in the game. Spectator experience at cricket grounds improved by many notches as a result of the outdoor LED display board or ‘giant screen’ as it is referred to by cricket fans. Today, cricket has changed amazingly even while retaining the basic set of rules that guide the game. It has grown out of its traditional ambit and has reached out to a much larger audience that has never been as familiar with the game as they are now. This could happen as fast only because of the technological innovations including the use of the giant screens in major cricket grounds.

Spectators can watch replays at the ground itself

If you are a cricket fan you would know the importance of a giant outdoor LED screen in a cricket ground. Unlike many other sports, cricket is a stop-start game with several dimensions within an ‘over’, lasting about 5 minutes, which is the basic building block of the game. This characteristic of the game makes the TV replays extremely important and that’s where the giant screen makes a world of difference to the experience of spectators on the ground. Unlike in the older days, you can now see replays on the ground itself, thanks to the giant screen.

Tremendous improvement in game supervision

Imagine you’re watching an international game and an important batsman has been stumped. In the olden days, the decision rested with the on-field umpire as there were no third umpires then. Even if TV replays show that the batsman is not out but the on-field umpire has adjudged him out, the batsman has to leave the field. Today, a cricket game has a ‘third’ umpire or TV umpire to assist the two on-field umpires with available technology. Hence, the stumped batsman would get the best possible decision with the 3rd umpire making the decision and all the spectators on the ground witnessing the entire decision-making sequence on the  LED display board or ‘giant screen.

It’s not just in cricket but in several other sports itself that the huge outdoor LED screen has brought game-changing improvements in spectator experience.

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