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February 19, 2019
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Trust Only the High Quality LED Video Wall Manufacturers

LED video wall manufacturers in India

The main objective of going for an outdoor display advertising campaign is to gain the attention of your audience and get them to recognize you more easily. The message you convey on your display ad goes a long way in making an impact on their purchase decision. There are specific ways to grab attention to your LED display system through use of high contrast and brightness. Use of bright colours and visual techniques is what attracts attention in the short span of time the viewers see your LED display. High quality LED video wall manufacturers offer true colour technology that ensure high contrast, brightness and high resolution.

The dimensions of your LED wall screen

When planning a large LED display you need to consider the size and dimensions of your display screen. This will depend on the surface area you have for the display as well as the distance from which your audience will view the LED display. The objective is always to create a display system that leaves a long lasting impact on your audience and this requires innovative approaches. The big advantage with LED video walls is that they offer seamless display without any bezels that are found on older video walls made by arranging LCD screens together in the required dimensions.

Enhancing the visibility of your video wall

Engaging your audience becomes all that much easier when you have such a large display system like a video wall displaying high definition images across a fairly long distance. Here you get the opportunity to present your content in the most remarkable manner with high definition images, flash animations, videos and text. You can tailor the specific LED display as per your requirement and also based on the surface area you have at your disposal for installing the display. You need to approach renowned LED video wall manufacturers who can offer multiple options like oval, pyramid, cylinder and cementric shaped LED displays.

User-friendly software to run the LED video wall

The large number of LED modules that are spliced together to create a video wall along with the multiple messages it displays need easy operation from a single user interface. Only the best manufacturers of the LED wall screen can create the necessary software to integrate both these critical functions as well as other functionalities and enable easy operation of the video wall. At the same time it is also necessary to supply a consistent format of signal output in order to avoid saving adjustment critical inputs like phase, position or size for different types of signals in each and every display.

Configuring the display for single refresh rate and resolution is necessary for simpler integration. LED video walls with high quality images made by Osel Tech, the leading LED video wall manufacturers in India offer 100,000 hours of service life. The video walls offered by Osel are not just technologically superior but are also light weight and very easy to install and uninstall; in fact, a single trained person can easily handle both the installation and uninstallation of the display system.

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