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Boost Your OOH Campaign Returns with Smart Content Management Solutions?

The Concept of OOH Advertising

 Out of Home advertising, also popularly coined as OOH advertising has a very broad scope and entails all advertisement related activities that are carried outdoors to target the right audience for promoting a product or service. It is very dynamic in nature and includes multiple forms of advertisements that are facilitated using billboards, posters, miniature ads, etc. OOH is all around us, if you take a quick look in your vicinity it’s very likely that you’ll find some form of advertisement.

 OOH campaigns are highly popular among brands and businesses that want to target customers from a particular geography, it also helps to go beyond geography and target people that are highly likely to engage with a particular advertisement medium. OOH has always been effective but the technological evolutions in the past decade has transformed it to quite an extent making it more aggressive and effective. One of the most important reasons as to why it is so effective is that it just can’t be ignored unlike other advertisement.

 How Smart Content Management Software Will Help OOH Campaigns?

 In the contemporary landscape, digital advertisement tools have taken the front seat and it has even influenced the out of home advertising campaigns to quite an extent. Now, the use of digital bill boards and other digital signage tools have increased in outdoor advertisements to make the offering more lucrative for the targeted customers. The need for smart content management software like Donkey Player is indispensable if you want to get the best returns on your OOH campaigns. Let’s explore how it aids and assists your OOH marketing initiatives to bring the best out of your campaigns.

 ·         Advertising strategy automation

 With the right OOH management software, you can prioritise work that needs human intervention. One can easily apply automated rules in their OOH marketing strategy. The use of personalised templates that are flexible enough to be customised as per location, audience profile, brand size, etc. will help to boost the results. Once the customer feeds in the required information, it will be hyper-personalised to serve that particular customer based on the historical data.

 ·         Real-time modification

 One of the most important features offered by smart content management software such as Donkey Player includes real-time modification of your content. Last moment changes are bound to happen given the uncertainty of variables affecting an outdoor advertisement. One can easily make changes in design layout and content easily with user-friendly content management software and tools such as Donkey Player by Osel Tech that also allows remote management and accessibility.

 Osel Tech is one of the leading players in the Indian digital signage segment space offering a holistic solution for all your digital signage hardware and software needs. The latest addition in the form of Donkey Player, a dynamic digital signage software has further strengthened its hold in the digital signage space making it the industry leader.


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