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January 11, 2021
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February 2, 2021

The Importance of Contextual Advertising and the Role of Content Management Software

The role and scope of marketing have widened in the past decade to provide businesses
with valuable insights. The use of aggressive advertising campaign paired with data-based
targeting has helped brands hit the bull’s eye. One thing that has drastically changed and
made a huge difference in the marketing arena is the personalisation of offerings. In the
contemporary, it’s not just about pitching the product to the masses but pitching a required
product/services to a selected audience who is willing to pay a premium for the utility that
they gain using those. Let’s delve deeper into what is contextual advertising and how it adds

Understanding the Concept of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising can be understood as a type of targeted advertisement that appears
on websites and other media, here the advertising media are navigated based on the
website content using linguistic elements. One of the most common forms of contextual
advertising that is heavily used is Google Ad Sense. Some of the most prominent types of
contextual advertising that can be observed in the contemporary include in-video contextual
advertising, native advertising, behavioural advertising, etc. Out of these behavioural
advertising has gained huge popularity as it entails targeting visitors/users based on their
behaviour and interaction.

Why Contextual Advertising?

Some of the most promising benefits that are luring marketers to opt for contextual
advertising are as follows.


The primary reason why marketers are hell-bent on using contextual advertising for reaching
consumers is that it is very economical and effective. You will be charged based on per click
and not just the display of the advertisement. So, it is beneficial as it generates traffics for
the amount being spent on the advertisements.

Refined Visitors

Now, with so many people using the internet and social media, you might not get the desired
traffic with normal advertisements. It is hard to get quality traffic without contextual
advertising. The quality traffic in turn helps to improve the conversion rates.

Measurable Results

One of the most important advantages of using contextual advertising is that all the data is
measurable and you can compare your results easily. This helps a great deal when you want
to compare two or more similar campaign performance.

A Good CMS to Bridge the Gap

A smart content management software or application helps to bridge the gap between you
and your customer. It aids all your marketing and advertising efforts and brings more
synergy into the system. A smart digital signage application like Donkey Player has features
such as demography-based ad display, gender-based advertisement, camera analytics and
an integrated analytics dashboard. All these essential features will help to aid your
contextual advertising efforts to a great extent.

Osel Technology is among the leading solution provider in the Indian digital signage space.
It’s the latest addition in the form of Donkey Player, a revolutionary digital signage
application to help monitor and manage your digital content, has been a game-changer for

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