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January 27, 2021
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Influencing Shopping Behaviour with Smart Digital Signage

Shopping in the Era of Smart Digital Signage

If you look around, you’ll find yourself surrounded by high-tech devices and screens promoting some or the other product, compelling you to buy. In the contemporary era, digital signage is omnipresent. The use and presence of digital signage have grown multiple folds as brands are increasingly relying on digital signage devices to put their products and services in front of the audience. You’ll be surprised to know that these tools also help to influence the buying decision and shopping behaviours of customers at large.

Over the past decade, e-commerce has proliferated drastically and customers are now accustomed to buying things online. They are more familiar with using digital devices to place their orders. This shift in consumer behaviour calls for revamping of the traditional brick and mortar stores. A major part of these modifications is related to installing different kinds of interactive digital signage devices so that the customer experience is improved.

Now, these digital signage devices show graphical content to the audience and lure them in with attractive offers. The digital content that is being shown to them plays a crucial role in the purchase. This calls for a smart digital signage software that could help big brands manage their digital signage content without any hassles. It also needs to leverage contextual content so that the audience can better interact with these mediums.

Contemplating the ‘How’?

Now that we have explored how useful digital signage can be, let’s delve deeper into how it can help to accentuate the shopping experience of the customers and influence their purchase behaviour.

Queue Management

Smart queue management with the help of digital signage tools can be used  to gain customer’s attention and also promote relevant products and services. While purchasing a product from a physical store, customers might have to wait in queues for either billing or trial of the product. This time can be judiciously utilised by brands to effectively promote their offerings using smart digital signage mediums. Digital signage devices powered by smart digital signage applications like Donkey Player can help greatly in this regard.

Influence Impulse Buyers

A large percentage of customers make unplanned purchases and that is amplified by brands rigorous marketing tactics and compelling offers. Smart and interactive digital signage can help to better communicate the brand’s ideas and offerings to the targeted customers and help to boost the conversion rates. It can even push customers to buy something they did not know existed.

Assist staffs & employees

The use of digital signage by businesses comes as a huge helping hand for their staff & employees. It complements and supplements their efforts to provide better customer service and enhances the overall experience. It can even help them to prioritise the more crucial work when the load is high. Smart digital signage applications like Donkey Player helps to better manage your content and also helps to provide a personalised shopping experience to the customers.

Osel Technology is among the leading solution providers in the Indian digital signage space. It’s the latest addition in the form of Donkey Player, a revolutionary digital signage application to help monitor and manage your digital content, has been a game-changer for many.



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