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Ösel Digital Signage Solutions Add Value to Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
May 22, 2019
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May 30, 2019

Get the Advantage of Ösel Supreme-X Aero and Make a Stunning Impact

Supreme-X Aero

According to the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) the government commits as much as one-fourth of its advertising budget to out of home (OOH) advertising. Usually, the central government in India as well as the governments in the 28 states of the country have a lot to communicate to the people. These are important messages about government schemes that have to be publicized at regular intervals. Such messages also have many updates wherein the overall communication doesn’t change but some data needs to be changed. Doing that on a static print signage requires the entire signage to be replaced but doing it on a digital LED display screen is like updating your social media timeline. It’s that simple.

The ideal outdoor display solution

Ösel Tech offers Supreme-X Aero, an ultra-slim, lightweight and easy-to-install outdoor LED screen that can be installed even by a single person. The weight of this unique digital display board is half of what most other display boards in the same category. However, Supreme-X Aero also has a very strong body as it is made of corrosion-resistant, durable aviation alloy that offers several value additions. You can save substantially on structural cost, labour cost, installation cost and cooling cost. With a total lifespan of one lakh hours this high quality outdoor display system will deliver 5,000 hours of non-stop performance.

digital LED display screen

Supreme-X Aero offers high definition picture quality and wide angle viewing

What users look for in an outdoor LED signage

The owner of an outdoor signage makes the shift from a static print display board to a digital LED display screen because of the convenience, economy and profitability it offers. In terms of convenience, the most pertinent feature is obviously the near total elimination of logistics cost involved with operationalizing static print signage. Every time a new message is to be conveyed on a static signage, it needs a new round of printing and mounting of the printed material, which is quite expensive in the long run.

On a digital signage, there are no such process or expenses; all updates or changes are done on online via Cloud access. Ösel’s digital signage solutions allow smart and intelligent management of content through an advanced content management system that can be operated from a smartphone.  That’s the kind of convenience users look for when they make the shift from static outdoor print signage to digital outdoor LED screen.

High quality features that leaves an impact

For a brand owner, the whole idea of investing lakhs of rupees in an outdoor display signage is to create a larger than life impact on the audience. That requires high definition picture quality and wide angle viewing in addition to seamless splicing of the modules. Unless the product quality is high enough, these high impact features won’t be visible on the LED display screen. This is where Ösel’s Supreme-X Aero is clearly a cut above the rest in its category as it not only offers the best of these features but much more. For instance, Ösel’s superior content management system enables easy and efficient handling of updates and changes in the messages.

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