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May 28, 2019
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June 6, 2019

Digital LED Flexible Display Solutions Offer Many Options to Malls

flexible moving LED screen

The marketers in a mall have to invest a lot of time and money in creating the right ambience to excite visitors so that they stay longer and spend more. The primary focus of these marketers is visual communications within the mall premises, which covers large format signage display solutions. They also need to consider the frequent messaging changes that take place on these signage displays and that’s where a flexible LED display screen becomes so important. The biggest advantage of this display solution is the flexibility it offers to a user especially in terms of handling and installations.

Extensive customization in mall displays

flexible moving LED screen

The different retail outlets in a mall have their own style and objectives of communication as well as their own colour schemes and structural representations. Integrating all these factors in varying degrees on a standard moving LED screen is quite a challenge because of the display material, which is hard and inflexible. However, with the flexible LED solutions, it’s a different matter as they offer modules that can be bent, rolled up, folded or hung in different ways. An ice-cream parlour can make unique designs of its products using these panels and so can a children’s entertainment outlet for its unique displays.

Engineered for flexibility

A flexible LED display screen from Ösel offers the maximum scope of customization in structure and design as it is made from soft PCB and rubber material of high quality. Retail outlets can do many things with such flexible panels such as, curved displays, decorative installations, vending and gaming applications, 3D effects and much more. The stitching of these panels is done magnetically as it is equipped with a magnetic buckle design, which ensures fast installation and replacement. The installation team at Ösel has high levels of expertise in customizing the displays by giving shape to different dimensions.

At the end of all business decisions comes cost and return on investment (ROI). A digital flexible moving LED screen from Ösel is easy to install and handle and offers substantial savings in the long run.

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