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How Cinema Digital Signage Is Drastically Improving the User Experience in the Contemporary

The idea of digital signage for cinema halls might be surprising for many as we are talking about a place that already contains a big screen for audience entertainment. However, a lot is going outside the main screen that can be improved to alleviate the visitor’s experience. Digital signage can help to drastically improve the cinema experience for the audience.

You must have noticed that the traditional screen posters are no longer visible in cinema halls. They have been replaced with interactive digital signage displays that can be leveraged to display a wide range of content depending on where it is being installed. Let’s take a quick peep to understand cinema digital signage how it is transforming cinema halls and the visitor’s experience.

What is cinema digital signage?

Cinema digital signage helps to improve the communication infrastructure at cinema halls. This entails the digital and electronic screens strategically placed at cinema halls to deploy messages and communicate with staff and visitors. It can be found outside the cinema halls, in the lobby, etc. A wide range of digital signage mediums is used inside cinema halls including standard screens, digital kiosks, interactive displays, etc. The extent to which digital signage mediums are deployed depends on the area occupied by the cinema halls.

Advantages of cinema digital signage

Some of the most prominent advantages of using cinema digital signage are as follows.

Digital promotions

The first and most significant benefit of using cinema digital signage is that it helps immensely when it comes to promoting upcoming movies. It provides a wide range of options to promote the latest movies and shows and is not just limited to showing posters. It can be used to show trailers, short clips, behind the scenes, social media feeds, etc. to increase the hype. It further helps to boost sales as more people will know about an upcoming movie and are more likely to visit the cinema hall to watch the same.

Increases upsells

A fair share of the total revenue for cinema halls comprises the foods and drinks upsell that is facilitated through the concession stands. Digital menu boards help to promote discount offers on food and drinks that compels people to buy the same. Enticing video and detailed photography help to convince people more easily to buy the same. Combo offers are also easily promoted and the saved amount can be depicted using digital signage boards.

Promoting cinema passes and gift cards

Digital signage is also being used to promote cinema passes and gift cards which are getting popular in the digital era. People who frequently visit cinema halls to watch movies on a big screen are more interested in subscriptions to reduce their overall expense.

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