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How to Overcome the Queue Management Challenge Using Digital Signage

What’s the worst thing about shopping offline? Well, long queues will certainly be the first thought in mind for most of us. We are getting accustomed to instant gratification and waiting in long queues to buy a good doesn’t sit well with most people. Offline retail stores frequently face the queue management challenge. Managing a large number of people in a closed space needs distractions techniques to keep them entertained even while waiting. Digital signage solutions come in quite handy to manage queues in shopping malls and other retail stores. Let’s delve deeper into some effective digital signage queue management techniques that you can apply.

  1. Use video content for digital signage

Video content has proved to be far more engaging and entertaining than normal images and texts. Showing relevant video content using a network of digital signage displays will help to keep your audience hooked to the screen and acts as a good distraction for those waiting in long queues. Be it a retail store or a hospital, videos are always a good distraction for queue management. A research study also found that over 85% of the people would prefer watching more videos from brands in 2021. Since videos are what customers are looking for, you can deliver them while they are waiting.

  1. Point of sale advertisements

Showing point of sale advertisements using digital signage screens near queue areas is a great way to not only keep your customers entertained but also offer them a chance to explore additional offerings. It can also contribute positively to your overall upsells. Have you ever been offered a food menu while waiting at a restaurant? Well, this is a good way to manage the queue, think of the point-of-sale advertisements as a similar technique that uses digital signage screens and is more interactive. Digital signage helps to display bright and eye-catchy content, unlike static posters that don’t keep the audience entertained for long.

  1. Social media updates

You will be surprised to learn that over 4.14 billion worldwide use various types of social media platforms in the contemporary. It is prudent to display social media content on your digital signage screens around the queue area to effectively manage the queue. You can even promote your recent and upcoming events and product launches on your social media platforms. This will help to keep your customers and prospects informed about the same. It will also help to boost organic reach and more people can visit your website to purchase in the future.

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