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How to Effectively Use Digital Signage for Crisis Management

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize how big a health crisis or any other crisis can be. Crisis management needs a real-time response to lower the threat and reduce losses. A health crisis like the Coronavirus demands better preparation to meet new challenges. It has changed what normal seems like.

One of the key aspects of crisis management is timely and effective communication. Be it natural disasters or cyber-attacks, every crisis requires you to communicate better to solve the mess. Let’s take a quick look into how digital signage is helping with crisis management.

  1. On-screen guidance and notifications

Timely communication is essential in managing a crisis, it could create a big difference in the outcome. Over 54% of the organizations believe that communicating important information with the staff during an emergency period is far more challenging than it seems. Using a robust system of digital signage tools and applications, key information can be communicated with staff using electronic screens in real-time.

Instead of engaging in face-to-face communication or glitchy audio conversations, digital signage can be used for effective guidance and alters. Companies can even create pre-made crisis management content templates that can be used in case a crisis occurs. It could be related to evacuation procedures in case of a fire or system shutdowns in case of a data breach, etc.

  1. Digital wayfinding for exits

In case of disasters such as a fire or an earthquake, it is often hard to find a safe passage that could lead towards the exit gates. It is very risky for people outside the premises to help those caught up inside. Digital wayfinding can be leveraged to help people find the way to save exit passages. This could help to save a lot of lives in case of natural or man-made disasters. A network of digital screens can be used to effectively display signs that could help people find a way.

  1. Activations triggers for crisis management

We already know that timing is of the essence when it comes to effective crisis management. At times, we might not be prepared with the right content to display in case a crisis occurs. This is where the activation trigger features offered by digital signage tools come in handy. It will help to avoid any unnecessary delays in communicating important information in real-time. One can easily set up their digital signage to display crisis-related content in case a fire alarm or any other trigger is activated to help with immediate rescue.

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