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December 12, 2019
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Ösel Indoor LED Display Boards for Banks and Financial Services Companies

Indoor LED Display Boards

The banking and financial services industry offers products that require a great deal of OOH communication going out to their audiences. Such messages appear in indoor LED display screens in locations like the bank branches and many other indoor and semi-outdoor locations. Most banks offer a wide range of investment opportunities like mutual funds, bonds, stocks and other financial products that are promoted and advertised extensively in all these locations. The bank branches are the best locations for such promotional displays as most customers there have investment in their minds.

Digital displays deliver more using less space

When customers in bank branches see the advertisements of financial products such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. in indoor LED display screens, they can contact the bank staff for details, immediately. The outcome is usually very good for the particular bank branch since a good number of such prospects go on to make some or other investment. However, most banks and financial institutions in India use static print screens to display such messages, resulting in disproportionate use of space in the bank’s premises.

Optimum utilization of display space

Most bank branches in India experience heavy footfall of customers and it has been noticed that the static print standees in their premises become an inconvenience to customers. Even the static wall displays and posters take up a lot more space than what the bank can spare. Besides, too many static displays all over the bank’s interiors can become an eyesore for customers and this can leave a negative impression of the branch on their minds. Digital displays from Ösel, one of the leading LED display manufacturers in India, have the best solutions for banks.

LED displays tailored for bank premises

Ösel has some of the best indoor LED display screens for use inside bank premises. CarryO, which is a digital poster, also functions as a digital standee that can display multiple static messages and ads as well as videos. Therefore, a single unit of CarryO can display what several static print standees can display and a lot more. It can also function as a wall-mounted unit with the option of multiple units combining as one where a single image or video can spread proportionately across all the screens. In addition to that, there are transparent LED display panels for glass walls inside the bank branches wherein the transparency is maintained proportionately with excellent image clarity.

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