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The Crucial Role of Digital Signage in Vaccine Rollout

The vaccination process to beat the deadly coronavirus has finally begun. India has a population of more than 135 crores, this makes the management of the vaccine rollout process quite challenging. Government and private institutions involved in vaccine rollout have to inform people about the vaccination centers and other essential information. Digital signage solutions are being used for displaying information and ads in public places, offices, etc., and can also be used to assist vaccine rollout. Read on to know how digital signage can help with the vaccine rollout process.

Understanding Digital Signage

Digital signage is an LCD/LED display technology used for advertisements and information broadcasting. Digital signage solutions can display dynamic text, videos, infographics, weather data, etc. The network of digital signage devices in any organization/public place is centrally managed from the source. Each digital signage device can individually display unique information and can target audiences. At shopping malls, metro stations, etc., one can see the digital signage solutions.

Navigation with Digital Signage

Various medical/private facilities in India are being used for vaccine rollout. Some of the vaccination centers are vast, and it is hard to navigate from one point to another. In the current pandemic scenario, a vaccination center does not want chaos to be created due to people not knowing their vaccination venue.

Digital signage solutions can be used to direct people to the appropriate room/point in a facility for the vaccination process. The directions can be displayed in different languages so that people don’t have to ask for directions. It will also reduce the time people will spend in a vaccination center and thus vaccinating the maximum number of people in a day.

Tackling Misinformation with Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions can be used to display the eligibility, requirements, etc. during the vaccination process. One can cross-check their eligibility by reading the criteria from the digital displays. It will help in curbing the misinformation inside a vaccination center for eligibility and requirements. If someone is not eligible for vaccination, then they can quickly cross-check from the displays and can exit the vaccination facility.

Public Safety with Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions can be used to display public safety messages like social distancing norms, sanitization standards, etc. At public places, digital signage solutions can be used to urge people to sign-up for the vaccination. Any rumors/misinformation regarding the vaccination process can be cleared among the public by digital signage solutions.

A reliable digital signage solutions provider like Osel Technology can help in installing quality-LED displays. Their digital signage application can be used to manage the vaccine rollout process in India. Digital signage solutions have already been proved useful for vaccine rollout in some countries. Choose a reliable digital signage provider!

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