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December 14, 2018
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December 26, 2018

The Role of LED Displays in Making Healthcare More Efficient, Sociable

When faced with life-threatening situations and an overwhelming flow of patients and visitors, healthy communication becomes the key for hospitals and clinics. It is as easy for important information to get lost in the chaos as it is for visitors to get lost trying to find their way around the huge hospital complexes. This is why progressive healthcare facilities are now turning to modern, dynamic digital signage solutions in a quest to provide clear communication, increase patient satisfaction, and improve visitor experience. Here’s how they are doing it:

  • Improved Wayfinding: How often have you seen staff being interrupted by visitors who want to know where a particular section is located or where a particular facility can be found? Digital displays can help visitors get to their destinations faster and free up the hospital staff from directing traffic.
  • Reduced Perceived Wait Time: Stress levels are often high in the waiting areas when patients and visitors are sitting idly for the doctor to get free or their test results to arrive. Using digital displays to showcase engaging health content will distract patients and alleviate their anxiety.
  • Staff Engagement: You can also keep hospital staff informed and motivated throughout the day with digital signage, as well as display shift changes/substitute doctor information clearly.
  • Lobby Communication: Indoor LED displays allow hospitals to quickly share important information like announcements, notices, warnings and other time-sensitive messages with visitors.
  • Donor Recognition Walls: Forward-thinking hospitals recognize and honor benefactors with attention-grabbing visual content and encourage more people to donate using attractive LED video walls.
  • Cafeteria Menu Boards: You can also attract visitors to the hospital cafeteria by displaying the day’s specials or advertising food items available in hallways and common areas.
  • Brand Building: Several hospitals are effectively using digital signage to improve the visibility of their brand by profiling top doctors and displaying breakthrough researches or awards won by the staff in common areas.

Remember, satisfied patients and happy visitors are more likely to recommend your facilities to friends and family, and increase your revenue. Ösel’s digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry enables hospitals and clinics to easily create, share and manage multiple types of content in waiting areas, hallways, cafeterias, staff break rooms, etc. Contact us today for customized LED display boards and LED display digital posters for hospitals.

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