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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in the Workplace

With millennials making up the major chunk of the workforce today, the priorities and expectations from the modern office are changing fast. Young employees value transparency greatly and are used to having instant access to information they need. This is leading to a major shift in the way employers handle internal communication.

Digital signage is a modern communication tool that not only keeps employees engaged and informed, but also motivates them to put their best foot forward – which is essential in the current scenario where a majority of young workers are seeking to make an impact in the world rather than just chasing money. Here’s a lowdown on the various departments that benefit from using digital signage in the corporate environment:

Sales: You can motivate and encourage your sales team to do better by showcasing top performers, current sales status, contracts bagged in the month, etc.

Communication: Instead of using printed posters or sending newsletters that half the employees never open, you can grab the attention of your employees with videos and motion graphics.

Human Resources: You can highlight birthdays and work anniversaries in break rooms and common areas, share impending deadlines for paperwork or showcase benefits easily with digital signage.

Customer Service: Keep the staff motivated to support the clients by showing promotions, call centre data, service tips, new product information, etc.

Production: You can use digital signage to showcase critical KPIs, the status of current inventory, monthly goals, delivery procedure updates, or even train employees about new processes en mass.

Utilities: Improve visitor experience and employee safety by using digital signage for wayfinding and sharing emergency information in the workplace.

Marketing: Inspire and energize the marketing department by using digital signage to keep everyone updated on the pricing structure and current promotions and incentives.

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