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April 29, 2020
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May 7, 2020

Tips for Effective Digital Signage CTAs/ Making Digital Signage CTAs Effective

A robust digital signage strategy must take the Call to Action (CTA) factor into consideration. A strong call to action element compels the audience to take the desired action and guides them through their journey.  No matter where the digital signage is being used, you should always consider adding CTAs to displays for boosting your audience engagement.

The CTA element should be carefully crafted and a lot of factors should be considered before putting up a CTA on your digital display. Let’s peep into some important tips that will help you design an effective CTA for your digital signage strategy and improve engagement.

Creating urgency

Your CTA element should not just compel your audience to take action but to take actions faster. Creating a sense of urgency using a phrase with other elements like a countdown time helps to produce faster results. It can be used to encourage the targeted audience to meet deadlines, register for an upcoming event, shop at discount, etc. Some of the mainstream CTAs are “Buy Now”, “Limited Period Offer”, “Offer expires in”.

Use of command verbs

Your CTA phrase should be directive; it should guide your audience to take the desired step. Using attention-grabbing command verbs in a phrase is the best way to create effective CTAs. Some of the commonly used CTAs that have command verbs are “Get started”, “Get yours now”, “Try for free”. All these phrases have one thing in common they instigate the audience to take action using commanding verbs.

Using numbers

Facts and figures often make up for an effective CTA. The careful use of numbers in digital signage CTAs make it seem more credible. Organisations can put up a statement that says “80% of our customers have shown positive outcomes”.  Hospitals can even use CTAs with numbers to build trust and credibility. For example “9/10 patients recovered in a month at our facility”.

Precise verbiage

You should always aim to use clear and concise phrases to easily convey your message to the targeted audience. Using direct language helps to instigate a prompt response from the audience. It should not have multiple connotations attached to it. You can directly focus on the benefits of the products or services to make it precise.

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This article aims to edify the reader on how to create an effective ‘Call to Action’ element for digital signage campaigns. It focuses on four major considerations that should be factored in while creating effective CTAs.

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