Smart Queue Management Using Digital Signage Technology
April 28, 2020
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May 4, 2020

Revamping QSR Chains Using Modern Digital Signage/ Why Digital Signage is essential to managing a Successful QSR chain?

In this fast-paced world, we are accustomed to quick fixes and short TATs. Technology has made it possible to get things done in a short period. This has changed the general customer behaviour; instant gratification is the norm today. This behavioural change is fundamental and applies to all aspects of our lifestyle. The restaurant industry has adapted to our quick life-style behaviour and presented us with a quick fix in the form of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

With a plethora of alternatives present, it is crucial to create an appealing storefront for luring in new customers and entertaining the loyal ones. Maintaining customer loyalty is a major challenge faced by QSR chains. Digital signage technology is a game-changer when it comes to instilling trust and building customer loyalty.

The use of digital signage solutions to market the offerings of QSR chains plays a key role in customer acquisition and retention. Let’s peep into how adopting digital signage technology can help to improve QSR chains.

Improving customer experience

What’ the one thing you hate about QSR chains? Well, it’s the waiting time. QSR chains are fast when compared to regular restaurants but generally, they are not very spacious and waiting for your order in a crowded space can get hectic. The use of digital signage technology can help to simplify the ordering process.

It can help customers to get real-time updates on their order by displaying the waiting time on digital boards. This information can be clubbed with marketing material to inform the customers regarding new and exciting offers, turning the waiting time into an engaging session.

Minimizing error

 A small error can cost you a loyal customer when you are clinging on the traditional marketing methods like print advertisements. By deploying digital signage boards to market the products and offers you can update all information being displayed in real-time. This helps to eliminate any error that might occur by making changes using your content management system integrated with your digital signage solution.

Agile menu plan

We have already established that all the information being displayed using a digital signage tool can be updated in real-time using advanced content management systems. The system can be programmed to automatically update the menu plan.

This automatic updating takes multiple factors into account before displaying the final output, information like time of the day, location, availability of products, etc. are some important considerations.

Presenting information

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the digital signage technology can be used to display all available information regarding the price, availability and variants of the products being sold. All information can be presented in an attractive way using wide digital display screens.

This is very helpful in high footfall areas and chains where the staff count is comparatively lower. Customers can check out the digital signage displays to learn about the offerings and related offers without any human help.

Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage segment, it provides a holistic digital signage solution at the most affordable price.


This article aims to edify the reader on the benefits of using the digital signage technology for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains. The four major benefits have been highlighted in the article.

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