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June 19, 2019
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July 29, 2019

Users of Digital Signage Solutions in India Now Have Better Options

Digital Signage Solutions

The growth of digital signage solutions in India can be seen mostly in shopping malls, hotels, airports and events and it is steadily growing in importance in many other areas including in educational institutions. The signage display market in India is still overwhelmingly dominated by static print signage, which most users mistakenly perceive to be cost effective in comparison to digital signage. However, the benefits of dynamic digital signage over static print signage are too strong to be ignored and the Indian market is now steadily adopting digital signage in the industry sectors mentioned above.

Gaining from digital LED signage solutions

Whichever way you look at it, a dynamic digital flexible LED display screen offers many times more advantages to users than a static print signage. To begin with, you can avoid the substantial recurring cost of printing the signage, transporting it to the display location and then mounting it, when you adopt digital LED signage. Unlike the single static message that remains displayed on the print signage location, a digital LED signage can display multiple messages, multiple times across multiple signage locations. The incremental cost advantage of such advanced functionality is way beyond what print signage can offer.

Ösel offers a clear advantage to Indian customers

Digital Signage Solutions

Ösel is the first indigenous company that has ventured into the manufacture of digital LED signage systems in India and it is effectively eliminating the barriers faced by Indian customers. The primary barrier – cost and quality is easily tackled with Ösel’s localized manufacture of best-in-class digital signage solutions in India that eliminates the need for costly imports. Like any world-class original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Ösel offers excellent servicing support which is a critical necessity in a product that uses advanced technology.

In addition to world-class hardware and components, it is important that a digital signage system is complimented by an equally good content management system (CMS). Ösel offers digital signage application (Donkey Player), which is among the best applications for operating digital signage solutions in India. It can be easily configured with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can manage multiple messages across multiple signage display units in multiple locations right from your smartphone or tablet and even when you are travelling since Donkey Player runs on Cloud.

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