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June 14, 2019
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June 28, 2019

LED Digital Signage can Improve Investor Outreach in the Capital Market

The Indian capital market is huge and one of the largest in the world where many investment banks and financial services providers are involved in a big way. As with any other fast-growing market segment, this market too has a lot to communicate to its audience, the Indian retail investor. In this regard, Ösel digital signage display in India has a very important role to play in communicating the benefits of the different retail investment plans they offer. For the banks and financial services providers who have a lot to communicate to their audience, including frequent updates, dynamic digital signage solutions are the way to go.

Educating the market

Although the capital market investments by Indians is substantial, it is just a small part of their disposable investible income. Many traditional high net-worth Indians still prefer to put their investible surplus income in gold and real estate. Banks and financial services companies that are interested in tapping this group of investors, would have to educate them about the advantages of investing in the capital market. An LED digital signage is many times more effective in carrying the educative messages of banks and financial services firms to their target group with the option of high frequency multiple messaging.

Updates in real time

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Digital LED signage can revolutionize investment banking outreach

Capital markets primarily revolve around the stock and commodities market which are quite activde for most of the year. There are hourly and daily updates as well as a number of other updates in different other frequencies doesn’t reach the investors in time. A capital market digital signage display in India therefore, is ideally suited to display such updates in real time for the benefit of investors. The market is yet to make the shift over from static print signage to LED digital signage but it is only a question of when not if the shift will take place.

The Indian capital market is one of the oldest in the world and is quite mature. The real strength of this market lies in the value that the retail investors bring. The consolidation of the retail investor segment in this market depends largely on a good system of information dissemination, which depends on digital signage solutions to a large extent.

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