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Advantages of Ösel Outdoor LED Digital Signage Solutions in Bus Shelters

Public transport in most Indian cities are being revamped to meet the commuting needs of the ever-growing middle classes in the cities and towns. Wherever, public transport, especially bus services are well-developed, e.g. Mumbai and to a certain extent, Delhi, the presence of bus shelters is commonplace. This is a unique kind of out of home (OOH) display advertising that has both indoor and outdoor features, where most brands would like to display their ads. The LED display screen that is expected to dominate the outdoor advertising space across India in the near future, is bringing about rapid changes to this industry.

Development of public transport 

The government has identified development of public transport, especially bus services across Indian cities as an area of priority. Right now, most city bus services are either non-existent or making losses and one major reason for that could be the fact that they are not earning enough revenues. This could because they don’t have the flexibility of operating like private bus services that aggressively pursue sales. Hence, state-run city bus services need to look for other sources of revenue and there’s nothing better than leveraging the outdoor LED screen advertising to boost revenues.

A much higher revenue potential

digital signage solutions

Adopting digital signage for bus shelter offers much bigger revenue potential

City bus services operate in a number of routes that have stoppages at specific locations where people board or de-board the buses. In many places, bus shelters are built to provide people with a little protection from the sun and rain as they wait for the buses. Depending on the location, these bus shelters command varying ranges of value for advertisers interested in utilizing the display space they offer. If the location is in a busy thoroughfare, even a static print signage will offer decent value for the display space. However, with LED display screen, the revenue potential increases many times over.

Multiple messaging on a single screen

The biggest advantage for the owner or contractor of the outdoor LED screen location is that they can display multiple advertising messages on a single screen. If the location commands high value, brands and other advertisers would line up to hire the space for their signage display. Now, if it happens to be a static print signage, the advertiser will use the site solely for a single message and pay accordingly. A digital signage on the other hand, can display multiple advertisements for which the rates can be adjusted accordingly, making it easier for a large number advertisers to display their message in a great location.

Total digital signage solutions

Ösel Tech offers a wide range of digital signage solutions for different applications including for bus shelters. This involves not just the high quality hardware but also the capability to operate multiple digital display screens across multiple locations, remotely. When you add the multiple messaging functionality of these digital signages to their multiple locations, you have a highly sophisticated system that needs advanced technology to be operated. The digital signage solutions from Ösel are designed to meet these requirements optimally.

This way, Ösel’s digital signage solutions help you manage the content to be displayed on specific signage screens across locations remotely and earn many times more revenue than you would earn with static print signage.

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