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College Campus Transformation with Modern-age Digital Signage

The advent of digital technology along with increased internet penetration has transformed our lives for the better. Education has always been a key driver of change in society and that change further improves the way for educating. Digital signage technology is gradually transforming the infrastructure for colleges and how teaching happens.

Digital learning has been at the forefront of the educational ecosystem. The global Coronavirus pandemic forced us to change the way we operate in and going digital has been the safest way to conduct any communication. Let’s delve deeper into how college campus and education is being transformed with the use of modern-age digital signage technology.

Virtual classrooms

Gone are the days when teachers used to teach on blackboards with white chalk in their hands. The contemporary era demands a better way to impart knowledge that can help to effectively communicate a message. The use of virtual classrooms in colleges helps to deliver an exceptional teaching experience that also allows for real-time engagement with remote instructors and participants, creating an unparalleled learning experience in the process. The use of interactive whiteboards along with high-definition audio/visual communication creates the perfect learning environment for students.

Digital wayfinding

College campuses are usually quite big to facilitate all the academic and extracurricular activities for a wide range of educational disciplines. It can be challenging for students and faculty to discover their way around the college campus, especially those who are new to the premises. Digital signage helps to improve the wayfinding experience for everyone inside the college. This also helps to save a great deal of time and effort that would otherwise be needed to do the same. Various interactive wayfinding digital kiosks are installed in areas such as lobbies, intersecting hallways, libraries, etc. to help with easy navigation.

Campus safety

Providing a safe and conducive campus environment should be a priority for college institutions since most of them are residential educational institutes. Using digital signage technology helps to strengthen campus safety and deliver a safe learning experience to students. In addition to this, it can also help to deliver emergency messages around different areas of the college campus.

Cost-effective solution

Digital signage solutions help colleges to cut their maintenance costs drastically by reducing their dependence on human labour to carry out the tasks. In addition to this, it also reduced the dependency on papers and helps to save a whole lot of money on that. In addition to this, it will also help to cut the advertising cost.


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