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How to Effectively Leverage Digital Signage to Facilitate Upselling of Products

Digital signage is among the most effective tools that power modern-age marketing for businesses. Given the highly engaging nature of digital signage tools, it helps to effectively communicate with the targeted audience. It is very useful when it comes to promoting a product or service that requires educating the audience on the same. It helps to guide them through the buying process too.

Upselling products is an important part of any marketing strategy as it helps to increase the average order value for the business and adds to the toplines. Upselling can be explained as a sales technique employed by brands to show customers other relevant products, based on their purchase to increase the average order amount. Let’s delve deeper into how you can leverage digital signage to upsell products to your customers.

Start highlighting the core benefits

The digital boards at your counter aren’t just there to display time. You should use it to display relevant products that the customer might be interested in, based on their purchase. Your digital signage board should act like a passive salesperson promoting a product by highlighting its core benefits. Emphasizing the main features along with the benefit that the product offers helps to easily convince the customers that it’ll be useful for them.

High-value items

One of the best things about upselling using a digital signage solution is that you have the flexibility to display what you want your customers to see. You can exclusively focus on the high-ticket products for the upsell to increase the average cart value of each customer.

Draw your customer’s attention using lucrative discount offers related to high-ticket products that make them feel they are getting a huge bargain. If you are a little worried that upsells might not be utilized effectively by keeping only high-ticket items, you can also place a slightly cheaper alternative.

Use limited period offers to induce impulse buy

Digital signage displays can be quite versatile when powered using the right signage application such as Donkey Player. You can use your digital signage display to show limited period offers and seasonal items that might run out of stock soon. Creating a scarcity factor will help people to make an impulse purchase and you can easily boost your top-line and clear your stocks as well.

Create threshold for added benefits

This is one of the smartest options to increase upsells and boost average order value. You can create a threshold amount after which customers will get an added benefit. For example, an offer like shop for Rs. 3999 or more and get ‘X’ free with your purchase. Now, most of the time people have questions related to these offers that you can easily address in detail using your digital signage displays. This way you won’t need to employ additional resources for entertaining your customers in these matters.

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