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Major Transformations in the Digital Signage Segment

Digital Signage Segment

The digital signage industry has a crucial role to play in today’s digital era. There are multiple aspects and applications of this technology across numerous industries. The last decade has seen unmatched growth within this segment with new players entering the industry and providing explicit offerings. This industry is still in its nascent stage of growth and is evolving by the day.

People are frequently searching for new types of digital boards to display and manage their content. This continuous need for something new and better inspires technological progress to meet the changing demand of the customers. Osel Technology is among the industry leaders, helming the wave of this evolution. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most prominent developments in this sector that will likely shape the future of this industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest major technological developments that is being adopted by multiple industries especially those that rely on processing high volumes of data. Digital signage is fuelled by relevant content; managing and monitoring these content-driven campaigns can be improved with the aid of Artificial Intelligence technology. A lot of it can be automated to optimize the use of digital signage solutions.

Cloud-based deployment

The digital world has made everything faster and efficient. There is no lag in the exchange of information; you can easily get real-time updates. Traditionally the digital signage solutions relied on using USB drives or hard drives for updating content. The recent development with a cloud-based deployment has changed the game when it comes to updating real-time information. This will likely be the norm for the near future.

Interactive technology

What started as a fancy display of information has found new dynamics. New technological developments will improve the interactivity aspect of digital signage solutions. These technologies comprise of touchscreens, facial recognition, Near Field Connectivity, etc. An interactive digital signage medium will find new applications across industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, etc. Interactive digital signage can help customers to browse product catalogues, restaurant menus, placing orders etc.

Three-dimensional Wayfinding solutions

Digital signage is being used to help with navigation in large spread public and private institutions. Using digital signage in wayfinding is an interesting application of the technology that will gain popularity soon. The three-dimensional maps installed in the premises can help users to virtually navigate and find out their destinations. This will be very useful for properties spread across a large piece of land.

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